Amazon - 6x36 Porcelain Tile

​​Amazon looks amazing. With just the right amount of variation and subtly distressed surface it's visual panache sets it apart. It's also hard to equal its practicality. Amazon really is tough as nails; in fact, it's tougher. It's harder than steel and totally impervious to water and any chemicals you would ever have in a home or office. Since its porcelain tile, sun won't fade it, heels won't dent it and temperature is irrelevant.

Amazon comes in 6 x 36 planks, random mosaics in 12x12 sheets and 3x36 surface bullnose. Amazon is suitable for most residential and commercial floors and walls. It exceeds .6 COF both wet and dry. TCNA guidelines for offset joints should followed, never exceeding 1/3 of the tiles total length.

​Frost Resistance​ISO 10545.12​Resistant
​Water Absorption​ISO 10545.3​≤0.5%
Resistance to Deep Abrasion​ISO 10545-7​PEI 4
​Stain Resistance​ISO 10545.145
​Flexural StrengthISO 10545-04​≤35 N/mm²
​MOHS Hardness​7
​Slip Resistance Dry​ASTM C1028​≥.6
​Slip Resistance Wet​ASTM C1028​≥.6