Decorative Products

  • Cronin blend

    Cronin Blends reflect the essence of Northwest style; a coalescence of color, texture and shape that create a living space that nurtures the mind and soul. With five blends of color and material, Cronin Blends can be used in myriad settings as either the main feature or a complimentary accent.

  • Iberia glass

    Inspired by an enchanted land where centuries old buildings and finishes are blended with sleek 21st century designs. The blending of styles results in a timeless, eclectic atmosphere that provides a treat to the senses and a comforting haven where we can relax.


    Imagine can be used on interior residential walls. It should be set with 1/16” joints using non-sanded grout. Black is easily scratched and will show streaks, smudges and water spots. 1x16 surface bullnose is available in all 5 colors.