Milano - Colored-Body Porcelain Tile

​Montenapoleone 12x24

​Milano colored-body porcelain tile utilizes cutting-edge Italian technology to create a beautiful contemporary surface with timeless style. Outstanding color and design merge with technical quality to provide a surface that is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Even in commercial shops and offices, Milano will remain beautiful for years to come. Digital technology allows for a wide variation of veining and subtle shading that refashion the classic beauty of natural stone to a congenial blend of color and pattern within the desired range.

​Milano’s five colors are available in 12x24 field tile with a 2x2 mosaic and 3x24 bullnose. There is also a 4x24 brick pattern that can be used as an accent to the field tile or by itself. The brick pattern is designed to be laid with staggered joints with no more than a 33% offset. The 12x24 exceeds the ADA recommendation of .6 coefficient of friction both wet and dry. All sizes have 40% recycled ceramic content, certified by Bureau Veritas.

​Montenapoleone 4x24 Brick

  • ​Navigli 12x24

  • Brera 12x24

  • Certosa 12x24

  • Scala 12x24

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: Norms Standards Milano
Length & Width ISO 10545/2 ± 0.6% max ​Meets or Exceeds
Variation in Thickness ​ISO 10545/2 ​± 0.5% max ​Meets or Exceeds
Wedging SO 10545/2 ​± 0.6% max ​Meets or Exceeds
Warpage ISO 10545/2 ​± 0.35% max ​Meets or Exceeds
Water Absorbtion ASTM C648 ​≤ 0.5% max ​≤ 0.2% max
Bending Strength ISO 10545/4 ​R ≥ 35 N/mm2 Meets or Exceeds
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 ​≥ 250LS ​Conforms
Frost Resistance ISO 10515/12 ​EN ISO 10545-12 ​Resistant
Acid/ Alkalai Resistance ISO 10545/13 ​EN ISO 10545-13 ​Resistant
Stain Resistance CTI81-7 ​Resistant
Coefficient of Friction
Dry Neolite ASTM C1028 0.6 Dry ≥ .65
Wet Neolite .6 Wet ≥ .66