​Real Natural Stone Cladding

​Cronin Stone™

Natural stone is the original through-body building material. It has proven itself for centuries as the most durable and prestigious material for every type of building and it is emulated by countless other products to bring the look of stone to a wider audience at a lower cost.

In the last few years, the popularity of cultured stone attests to the fact that many people want the look and durability of stone, but you don’t have to settle for a copy. Cronin Stone is real stone. It is priced competitively with the colored concrete products and is just as easy to install. The difference is obvious: See for yourself!

The Cronin Stone Installation System: Waterproof & Breathable

By Combining Ardex 8 + 9 waterproofing over the backerboard and Mortairvent™ behind it, you get an installation system that is completely waterproof on the outside while still allowing the home to breath. It's the safest and healthiest installation system available and if you are doing a partial wall, the Cronin Stone Ledge Cap hanger is not only the most rain resistant system you can buy, it's easy to use and cost effective as well.

Beautiful, Durable, Colorfast & Healthy

Nothing Looks as good or last longer than natural stone. Cronin Stone brings real stone into the price range of imitations. Not only is it easy to install, it offers complete peace of mind when installed with Mortairvent™ and Ardex 8+9.

Slate tiles are available in Forest.

​Trim Pieces

Want to accent a window, door or fireplace? There's no better way than 3cm Cronin Stone Keystones and 6" x 8" Trims!

3cm Trims Help complete your perfect installation. We have outside corners that allow for building movement, 6x8 and keystone trim plus a unique Ledge Cap with an easy-to-install metal hanger that also provides complete flashing in one step.

Available in Crystal Black, Forest, Grey Cloud & Glacier.