Newport - Glazed Porcelain

​12x24 Taupe

​Newport brings understated elegance to everyday places. The colors are subtle but rich. They are neutral enough to allow a wide range of furnishings while still providing an alluring counterpoint their surroundings. Newport is available in rectified 12x24 and 6x24 that are modular with each other as well as a 2x4 brick joint mosaic and a 3x24 bullnose. Newport exceeds the .42 requirement for slip resistance using the A137.1 DCOF test and is suitable for all residential floors and walls. A 1’8” grout joint is recommended using sanded grout.

  • Taupe

  • White

  • Brown

  • Beige

  • ​Taupe Mosaic

  • ​White Mosaic

  • ​Brown Mosaic

  • Beige Mosaic

​Frost Resistance ​ISO 10545.12 ​Resistant
​Water Absorption ​ISO 10545.3 ​≤ 0.5%
​Frost Resistance ​ISO 10545-7 (White, Beige) ​PEI 4
​(Brown, Taupe) ​PEI 3
​MOHS Hardness 6
​Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ​ANSI A137.1.2012 ​>.42
​Shade Variation ​V2 Moderate