Natural Wood Flooring & Sundries

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Wide Plank Hardwood Installation Addendum

All 5” wide plank (solid and engineered) hardwood floors are required to be installed with either a full spread adhesive, rated for the proper width of the material being installed, or if nailing or stapling, a glue assisted installation.​

​Full Spread Installation

You must account for moisture in any installation. Consult the manufacturer or the NWFA for concrete installations. For installations over a subfloor, prime the floor with an approved adhesive primer with moisture vapor retarder (Pallmann P104). This will increase adhesion and provide the proper moisture transfer from the subfloor.

Use an approved hardwood flooring adhesive for the width to be installed with the proper trowel for the material to be installed. Pallmann P5 HWF adhesive is rated for solid 3/4” hardwood up to 8” in width. Follow adhesive manufacturers’ installation procedures.

Glue Assisted Installation

You must account for moisture in any installation. Two ways to provide a moisture vapor retarder is to install an underlayment paper (Fortifiber Aquabar). Cut a ½” channel, in the paper perpendicular to the direction of the floor to be laid, every 12” on center. A second option is to roll on a coat of P104 over the entire subfloor to create a moisture retarder.​

During installation of the wood you can then run a minimum ¼” bead of approved HWF adhesive (Bostik’s Best in a caulking tube, MMM 560 adhesive sausage cartridge, or Pallmann P5 adhesive) every 12” on center perpendicular to the direction of the wood. Use a normal nailing pattern for the dimensions of the wood installed per NWFA installation procedures.

Following the installation guidelines listed out by the NWFA, product manufacturers’ and the above addendum will lead to a successful hardwood installation, which in turn leads to satisfied customers.